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Scoplez Privacy Policy

Scoplez, a marketing entity operating through its website (, engages in the collection of diverse personal information, including but not limited to contact particulars and sensitive data such as credit card details, procured through website forms with the primary objective of scrutinizing corporate performance metrics and optimizing service delivery. This data, subject to an indeterminate storage period, is safeguarded in accordance with stringent data protection regulations, underscored by the utilization of cookies essential for website functionality. Implicit consent to data usage is inferred upon user visitation, with the prerogative for dissenters to discontinue website engagement. The website employs essential cookies, and users retain autonomy over cookie preferences within their browser configurations. Legal conformity mandates adherence to multifaceted data protection legislations like the GDPR and CCPA, ensuring stringent privacy standards and regulatory alignment. Policy updates are disseminated to users via electronic mail, ensuring transparency and compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks.

Privacy Policy

Company/Website Information:



Data Collection Practices:

  • Types of Personal Information Collected: Contact information such as name, phone number, address, email address, billing address, and credit card information.

  • Methods of Collection: Information is collected through website forms.

  • Collection of Sensitive Information: Sensitive information, such as credit card information, is collected when clients sign up or subscribe to our Marketing Services.

  • Automatic Collection: User data may be collected automatically through third-party analytics tools or tracking technologies.



Purpose of Data Collection:

  • Purpose: User data is collected to monitor the company's performance and improve services.

  • Sharing with Third Parties: User data may be shared with third parties to facilitate communication between our Marketing company and clients.



Data Usage and Storage:

  • Usage: Cookies are utilized.

  • Retention Period: User data may be retained for an unspecified period.

  • Security Measures: Scoplez, as an affiliate of, complies with data protection regulations and employs appropriate security measures.



User Rights:

  • Rights: Users implicitly consent to the use of their data by visiting our website. They have the option to leave the website if they do not agree.

  • Exercise of Rights: Users can exercise their rights by choosing whether to continue browsing the website or leaving.



Cookies and Tracking Technologies:

  • Use of Cookies: Our marketing company's website employs essential cookies.

  • Types of Cookies: Essential Cookies

  • Managing Cookie Preferences: Users can manage cookie preferences by adjusting settings in their browser to allow or disallow third-party cookies.



Legal Compliance:

  • Compliance: Scoplez complies with specific data protection laws and regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA.



Policy Updates:

  • Notification: Users are notified of changes to the Privacy Policy via email.

  • Frequency of Updates: The Privacy Policy is updated regularly to ensure compliance with new regulations and standards.

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